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An unusual Comedy series, consisting not only of absurd, but also really terrible moments, takes viewers to the town of Willmill, where almost two hundred years ago lived a certain Tadeusz eckles. The brutal Sheriff, who started a witch hunt on his own initiative, killed nearly 200 people, many of whom were completely innocent. The main character is a direct descendant of Tadeusz. Given the peculiarity of his ancestor, Stan knows about the existence of supernatural forces, but prefers to destroy evil only if necessary. In the last part of the man was out of work after the scandalous funeral of his wife. He thought that, forgetting about the conflict, the chief will return him to work. However, the expectations cheat hero: soon, the city has a new Sheriff is frivolous and ambitious woman Evie. She is sure that she will cope with official duties, without even suspecting that ahead-terrible tests. In the last part of Ivy learned that ghouls and all sorts of monsters exist. At the beginning of season 2, Stan accidentally awakens an ancient force in the face of a powerful mage who is determined to kill the hero. Seems to start the next test…

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