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Welcome to view another Turkish melodrama that tells about the life of a girl Zyuhry. The main character - a very nice and pleasant person who was born and raised in Cappadocia. Once this beauty caught sight of a Fikret Karakaya, who is considered to be very overbearing, very tough man. However, it had great wealth and a major impact. The protagonist decides that this nice-looking girl is obliged to become his wife. However Zyuhry completely different outlook on life. It shows their defiance than infuriating Fiktera. The heroine decides to escape on the first night. Man receives this act as an insult to his account. He is trying all possible ways to return a fugitive. Zyuhre understands that there is nothing worse than to return to his unloved man. She tries to escape wherever look glaza.Ey gets in the way of Seit - a local mason. Oddly enough, this poor man strongly supports the main character. However, this support will grow into something more - the heroine fall in love with this modest young man, and he - would be crazy about Zyuhry. Soon, however, the plot will be one more character - the son Fikret, who also wants to connect his life with the beautiful Zyuhroy.

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