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The action of the fantastic action movie"Star trek: deep space 9" takes place in the distant future on the intergalactic space station called"deep Space 9". Some time ago, it arrived at the orbit of the planet Bajor, which had long been in occupation, but not so long ago was released by the United Federation of Planets from representatives of the Cardassian Empire. At first glance, the station performs an important mission, which is to eliminate the attempt of the cardassians to regain control of the lost planet. But in fact, it is actually useless, because it does not bring any other benefit. However, everything changes dramatically when a"wormhole" connecting Bajor with the galaxy's Gamma quadrant is discovered near the station. Deep Space 9 is rapidly turning into a very important trading Outpost that brings huge profits to the bajorans controlling it. But the idyll does not last long, and soon through the anomaly begin to arrive hostile troops, and said space station to become the last Outpost of the Federation Starfleet, restraining the onslaught of the enemy…