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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The action of an exciting sci-Fi Thriller"Star trek: the Next generation" takes place in the distant future, a hundred years after the events described in the TV series"Star trek". The space Shuttle enterprise, owned by the United Federation of Planets, continues to surf the expanse of space. The ship has undergone a number of changes, its team has completely changed, but the crew of the ship pursues the same research goals – the discovery of new territories, races, as well as support of relations with already known ones."Enterprise" has absorbed the best technological innovations, which gives it the opportunity to divide in two, and increases the chances of the ship in a collision with a variety of difficulties and dangers. In addition, despite its purely research mission, the enterprise, like any other vessel of the Federation's space fleet, has good weapons. The crew of the ship led by captain Jean-Luc Picard makes many amazing discoveries, but also the characters are faced with a very dangerous enemy, eager to capture more and more worlds…