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What only tests did not fall to the share of the main character of a colorful animated series in the past episodes! The adventure began at the moment when the Old butterfly, getting to the fourteenth year the magic wand is messed up spells and nearly destroyed half of his native Kingdom. Then she was forced to leave the Palace and move to Earth. There the heroine met with a family of Diaz and met Marco-a boy who fell in love. In the final of the last part of the girl confesses to him in the innermost feelings, which for so long remained silent, and learns that it is mutual. However, happiness does not happen because of the deceit Ludo, nearly killed the Queen the moon, the Old butterfly have to leave our planet to return to Muni. But here she will not rest. In the first release of the 3rd season she finds out that magic is no more. Before the return of the heroine to the store Ludo attacked and stole all the magic. Star Princess and the forces of evil, commanded by the warlock, have repeatedly met, but they will have another meeting, on which depends the future of Muni. Will the brave heroine be able to return the magic? You will save the Kingdom from destruction? Will there be a way to go back to see Marco again?

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