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An exciting fantasy animated series"Clonic wars / Star Wars: Clone Wars" tells the story of the confrontation of clones between the Republic and the Confederation led by count Dooku. It's only been three months since the battle of Geonosis. Galactic Emperor Palpatine decides to appoint Anakin commander of the space fleet. Obi-WAN and Yoda are categorically against this because I don't want to like the young Skywalker was born of vanity, and he became the second Sith. At this time, count Dooku arranges on the planet called Rattan the competition between headhunters, the purpose of which is to determine the best of them. Them to become Asajj Ventress, she easily crushes all rivals, and even throws down a challenge to Dooku. Asajj become a student of the count, and ahead of her waiting for a very difficult task-to destroy Anakin Skywalker…