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Animated series "Stargate Infinity" is a story about a man-made miracle that gives people a chance to move in space. On the planet for anybody there was no news that it is possible to go to flight between different worlds. Of course, there is a specialized company of people who keep order. The very object that allows such travel is called the gate. Some companies of people are engaged in time travel for a specific purpose, so one of them found a mysterious artifact. It has become high-profile news. But also there was a second information about another company. Major Gus is covered. He was given a chance for correction, although the man is not guilty. Engaged in these mischief interplanetary spy. It is not clear why he does not like the hero, why he is looking for so many ways to substitute a man. While the military was waiting for the Tribunal with his team, he was framed for the second time. Now the outcome is one, the hero, along with the team need to leave home planet forever. Now traveling to other worlds, the guy with the team is looking for a way to return home. He needs to collect data that will help prove innocence. Each such trip gives the team new acquaintances and knowledge.

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