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Egypt has always concealed a huge number of secrets and this attracted scientists. It has always been interesting to learn as much as possible about this ancient era, about such amazing people-monkeys, which according to scientists are the ancestors of all mankind. But this is not all the secrets that keep these ancient places. Sometimes it is possible to find so much amazing and incredible in these parts. Could not resist the temptation and Paul Langford, who decided to arrange an expedition to these lands and explore the amazing building, which a huge number of years and they are still not solved. one of these finds is an amazing ring, which according to legend is a passage on different edges. Thanks to him, you can travel to other parts of the planet, to other universes and dimensions. These gates allow you to look at the world differently and once again make sure that we are not the only inhabitants in it. However, from time immemorial, all the constructions that allow you to mix was made to hide from the curious human eyes and probably it was done very well. What will the revelation of this mystery of this ring, which can recognize people with bad intentions?

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