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Based on the eponymous book, the series takes viewers into the world of Romeo and Juliet right before things get tragic. We find ourselves in a familiar to most viewers (who read Shakespeare earlier) Verona of the 16th century. In the pilot episode of the series "under the unfortunate star"we see the terrible consequences of the relationship of young lovers. However, further history focuses already on other people who also belong to the opposing Italian families. After the death of two lovers, Prince Escalus tries to unite Verona against external threats. And the first point of his plan – ending the war between Capuletti and monteci. To achieve this goal, he obliges relatives of Romeo and Juliet to marry. The choice falls on the Rosaline and Benvolio. Their marriage should be a symbolic Union between the two families. At first, the cousin of the deceased Juliet is skeptical about this venture, but then realizes that this is a real chance to put an end to a long-term conflict. Moreover, gradually the girl realizes he has a jealous Benvolio real feelings... But the desire of the Prince and the love of two young people is clearly not enough to stop warring families scheming.

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