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Residents of the small island of little toll, located near the coast of Maine, are very concerned about the incredibly strong impending storm, which predicts the title of"storm of the century" because of its unprecedented destructive force. In a panic, they stock up on food at a local store, remembering the events of antiquity, when the island was sometimes cut off from the mainland, hoping for the best, but clearly realizing that it is likely to happen again.At this time, a mysterious man suddenly appears on the island and goes to the house of a lonely old woman Martha Clarendon, who at this time quietly drank tea and watched the frightening weather forecast. Hearing the call, the old lady opens the door and sees the dark silhouette of the man who utters a strange phrase, and then brutally kills, death scoring March, a strange cane with a metal handle in the form of a dog. After the crime, the killer as if nothing had happened sits down to watch TV in the victim's house, where he finds a teenager who, in horror ran out of the house, reports what he saw the mayor.After the seriously frightened mayor called him, Mike Anderson, a local constable, along with a friend, arrests a scoundrel who, to everyone's surprise, has no resistance to arrest. Calmly following the guardian of order, a mysterious man who, as it turned out, has incredible knowledge about the life of every resident of the island, constantly repeating strange words. Very soon inexplicable things begin to happen in a small settlement…

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