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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Drama
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There is a tragedy, and ends with all business disputes-the situation is common and familiar to many. The sitcom tells the story of two brothers Mitchell: Stephen and Andrew. They long ago distanced themselves and did not communicate for many years. And, apparently, they had no special desire to establish communication at all. But fate brought them together again, and quite a sad way: he died, their father...One brother sheds tears of sadness and words over the coffin. At this moment the man standing nearby gives in to it. Excuse me, do I know you? - the surprised and grieving son asks. – Yes, I'm your brother... you Guys have become so distant that you barely know each other. However, it does not matter. And the funeral is in the past - now begins the real battle and the race for supremacy. After all, someone has to get the family business. Of course, each of the men craves that he became the main. But it's not so easy, especially when there is always a person ready to insert a stick into the wheel and remind some resentment from childhood. You have to go through a lot of fights, quarrels and memories to remember what family and brotherly love are. Or not to remember, and to continue to arrange curious situations, disputes and to amuse people around eccentric, and in something infantile behavior…