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Main setting in Stromberg is the office building of the fictitious "Capitol Versicherung AG", in particular the offices of the claim settlement department. The company is based in a large German city, whose name is not mentioned. The title character of the series is Bernd Stromberg, which takes a leading position in the claims settlement department. Over the consequences of which he is promoted several times and demoted again. A central component of the series is the everyday work of employees in the claim settlement department. From the fourth season the plot is laid in the fictional town Finsdorf since Stromberg was transferred to a resident branch of the "Capitol Versicherung AG".    Main characters of Stromberg Bernd Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst) is the eponymous protagonist of the series. At first he is 'Head of loss adjustment M to Z', later he was deputy head of the claims settlement; he proves in his profession again as incompetent and overwhelmed. Stromberg is mid-40s, first married, later, he divorces his wife. It presents itself in almost every respect than Unsympath: He is opportunistic, karrieristisch and treats its employees - particularly female - often, as befits a department head. He often falls to negative by derogatory, prejudiced comments towards minorities.    Berthold 'Ernie' Heisterkamp (Bjarne girl) has been working in the Department of Stromberg. It is characterized by great ambition in his work, he regularly provides its expertise in complex accounting transactions to the test. In many of his colleagues Ernie is unpopular because it often occurs as a know-it. Ernie has childishly naive traits. Until her death, he is in an unusually narrow for his age contact with his mother.    Ulf Steinke (Oliver Wnuk) is in his late twenties or early thirties throughout the series and associate in the department of Stromberg. He is in many ways as the exact opposite of his colleague Ernie: he has success with women, engaged in typical masculine activities such as football and goes to work in the office very loose. He is in a relationship for a long time with his colleague Tanja Seifert.    Tanja Seifert (diana staehly) is a young Mitarbeierin in the Department of settling claims. She gets her duties in everyday work with great care, without getting it through excessive ambition among their colleagues unpopular. Tanja is emotional and sensitive, often they tried in Streifall between colleagues to settle - in particular, the numerous attacks against Ernie are you an eyesore. She is the girlfriend of Ulf Steinke.    Erika Burstedt (Martina Eitner) is the "good soul" in the Department of settling claims. Because of their excess weight is often target of Stromberg's ridicule. Erika is extremely good-natured, well-balanced and well tolerated. In the daily work often falls short of that required by their performance because of their complacency. At the end of the third season Erika dies of a heart attack in the hospital.    Background information about Stromberg Stromberg is a German comedy series produced by Brain Pool and ProSieben. The series was inspired by the BBC TV series The Office, however, is noted only since the second season uncredited with the wording: "Stromberg - Inspired by the UK BBC series 'The Office' created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant."    The special stylistic feature of Stromberg is that the series was filmed by a fictional documentary team that is indirect involved in the plot, is never explicitly visible to the audience though. Therefore, the characters regularly report in interviews to speak, which give the impression that it was at Stromberg is a docu-soap.

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