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To Bong soon a small, fragile girl. The surrounding is unlikely to guess that it's endowed with superpowers. In her family, superpowers are transmitted through the female line. To lose a gift can be very simple, it is enough to risk using it for selfish purposes, and not for the benefit of mankind. Grandmother tried to unjustly seize a large sum of money, and my mother was a famous weightlifter, but once failed to even move the projectile from its place. Barely born, the baby hit the tiny fist of the doctor, and while the girl grew stronger and her strength. After graduating from high school, Bong soon began to look for a job where she would not have to hide her strength. She worked at the call center, at her uncle's farm, until one day she used her power against the villains who beat up the old driver. The bandits flew like a rag doll. At this moment, the son of the owner of a large Corporation An Min Hyun was passing by, he was shocked by what he saw.The guy invites the heroine to talk with his father about the work. The cherished dream of the strongman was to develop a computer game where she would be the heroine herself. After meeting with the President, Bong soon came out somewhat disappointed, she was offered a well-paid job, but not in the development Department. She is the bodyguard Ahn Min-Hyung.

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