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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
A Japanese television miniseries for young audiences, aired from July 8 to September 16, 2013.The main and Central character is a young boy named Asahi Mikuri performed by the young actor Yamashita Tomohisa. He is a professional Studio photographer who wants to achieve much greater recognition and fully Express his talent, earning money at weddings and social events in the town, located on the beach. Natsuki Shinohara suddenly appears in his life, working in Tokyo as a Manager of a well-known Italian restaurant. It so happened that on the wedding day of the girl, Asahi accidentally photographed the scene of separation and quarrel with the groom. Young people find a common language with each other and then become good friends. She is arranged by the chef in the" house of the sea" and remains to live in the same city with the guy, where also lives Hanae Taniyama - an old childhood friend and classmate Asahi. He tells the girl about the sad past of the young and almost constantly staying in melancholy photographer. However, Mikuri suffering from runaway ex-girlfriend Kasumi, which he lost, but never forgotten, and still hopes to someday see her again and to rebuild a loving relationship, despite the fact that he had his eye Taniyama.Good-natured, positive, light, warm and warming in the cold winter evening series that will delight the viewer with the Sunny and marine atmosphere of fun everyday life, summer games and noisy beaches.

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