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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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During the Second world war, there was not only time for fighting. Often between people there were feelings and they dreamed that peace time came and they could reunite at last. It is in these difficult days for the whole world, at a time when Japan invaded Thailand, a young officer and met a nice girl and fell in love with her. But she answered him only coldness and hate, because she hated everything that was connected with the war. Only, it would seem that the guy is not pushed and he went on to win her favor. Soon from-for similar the girl had not really good reputation and to get rid of the similar man intended to marry her.
but she refuses him because she is waiting for her lover. And he should be back from school soon. But as their parents were high-ranking officials and it for children was extremely favorable that they got married. Yes to the same their marriage was beneficial for Japan and Thailand. That's why the girl had to marry this guy. And soon she was able to feel him warm and tender feelings. It is at this moment that the beloved returns, who intends to take revenge on the man who took away from him the most expensive thing he had. But that's ahead of those three, and who decide to choose the girl?