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Will Ford's biography is impressive. Over the decades of stay in the service he managed to visit a few hot spots. Later it was necessary to work thoroughly for the benefit of the state as the employee of FBI. Over time, Ford got tired of such a life. He realized that any sane person needs a family, normal communication with relatives. Will chose to resign. Now he performs the duties of a plan. As a real estate expert, the main character risks almost nothing, of course, except his reputation. The new job involves certain difficulties. From the correctness of Ford's decisions depends not only the durability of the buildings, but also the safety of the citizens staying in it. this time I had a chance to inspect a huge building in China. The task at first did not seem the expert so difficult. Seeing the skyscraper will have begun with its traditional thoroughness. That the family which has arrived to China together with will didn't miss, the man suggested relatives to walk on the top floors. Suddenly, the building caught fire. The fire rapidly engulfed a room. Ford himself is accused of the incident. The expert was arrested. Ford understands, being behind bars, he will not be able to save their own loved ones and, in addition, to establish the true cause of the fire. Will managed to escape from custody. Now he needs to use the previous experience and, acting in an extreme situation, to save relatives from the burning building, as well as to regain his good name.

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