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The human body is fraught with many secrets. Someday you wonder what is inside of you? Corporeal shell bodies, but how does it all "works"? It enables us to be who we are, makes us move, to talk, to engage in activities - mental and physical? But often a person is exposed to various acts of violence towards his shell, to your body. Injuries, bruises, injuries, the consequences of severe disease requiring surgery ... All this causes the body to regenerate, restore and fight. The viewer of the documentary project "the BBC: Superhuman" a unique opportunity to attend a rare medical operations, to see how the transplantation process, which saves a lot of people as human transplanted cells of the animal brain as a "put" on the patient's legs chained to a bed or wheelchair as blinded return the ability to see the world, resorting to the help of bioelectronics as forcing the human body to fight ailments stimuli. The viewer realizes how much earlier he underestimated the wealth that he has - his own body. But every day, every hour hundreds of people end up in hospital with a variety of diseases and injuries, and cancer and cardio - vascular system, of course, very widespread, but not yet the worst. Far worse injuries, which are the effects of mechanical action on the human body, we are talking about accidents at work, road accidents, attacks, natural disasters, all pose a mortal danger and often claim lives. Doctors are trying to save in trouble, but, alas, do not always have time to provide expert assistance to the victim. The struggle for human salvation requires them to knowledge, skills and truly superhuman effort. However, the human body itself is committed to the struggle for survival. This is particularly evident in the so-called traumatic medicine. The human body can be represented as a mechanism composed of parts, but if in the car can be replaced by wear and tear with the human body have to "tinker". Organ transplantation has long been practiced by medical luminaries, but that a new body foreign to the body, and cause the body to accept this alien is not so simple. But since the body can not "grow" again damaged or missing body, then he has to learn to live with the deception, and most often it is to cope with such a daunting task as "excellent". Medicine has made a huge step forward, scientists devise ways of growing human tissue, which helps the body to recover from injuries and illness. The man can not even imagine that at the moment there is in his body, which processes it into "the upper hand". The human body is composed of a plurality of cells which are divided every second die, they resist viruses. The cells are very dangerous, cancers are the same cells, but which, in contrast to the healthy growth process changed. Doctors are looking for ways to get rid of this disease, it is studied thoroughly, and often patients get a chance to stay alive, thanks in part to the results of the research. And how much bacteria is inside the human body and on its surface, at one centimeter of skin "side by side" more than two thousand of microorganisms, which can not see with the naked eye. Physicians and carefully study to make the microbes resist infections. A human genes - there is also so curious! Why children are born like their parents and grandparents as they are laid genes which information carries a DNA ... This and much more you will learn from the scientific - popular film «BBC: Superman."

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