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With only one word "Superman" people immediately represent a man of strong physique, which is endowed with super strength and unique abilities. The protagonist of the animated series, known to all as Superman, not a man at all. Let him own the appearance of an ordinary person, in fact he is an alien. Many years ago on the planet krypton, where the hero comes from, there was a terrible tragedy – the whole planet was blown up, and none of the locals could not escape from death. Superman was still a very small alien then. He managed to escape thanks to a special capsule, in which he was placed and sent on a journey through space. Left all alone without any help and support, a small alien came to Earth. In the small town of Smallville, the hero was able to find a shelter. For a Superhero there are no obstacles and he is not afraid of anything, because he is the owner of a huge force, superior to human. The abilities he directs for the benefit of people, in any battle he manages to emerge victorious. The only weapon the hero should be afraid of is a substance called "kryptonite".

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