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  • Crime
The series tells the story of a rather cruel and unexpected media experiment on people-a new reality show, providing participants with the opportunity to win a decent amount of money. A certain number of volunteers will have to go to a special prison for 90 days. This place is special – it is located deep in the Amazon forests, and the level of security here is such that it is simply impossible to escape. All you need to do is just survive until the deadline. What is happening will, of course, be broadcast live.Immediately found daredevils and daredevils, ready to try their hand and hit the jackpot. All of them had problems with the law in the past. Many of them think that everything will be quite simple. Besides, it's a show, and if something goes wrong, you can always get out of the game, refusing to reward.However, the poor people did not understand what they had signed up for. Barely close them behind bars, as he immediately began to happen terrible things. The unfortunate prisoners quickly realized that it would be extremely difficult to get out of here alive, and no one is going to let them out. Over time, the atmosphere around the madness is heated to the limit. It turns out that this is not a stupid program in Prime time, and some monstrous reality, every second threatening their lives.

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