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Original Title: Survivor
Channel: CBS
Creators: Charlie Parsons,Mark Burnett
Language: English
Description: The Gates - is a small, seemingly quiet town - an ideal place for a quiet measured life of which will sooner or later dreams of every resident of the bustling metropolis. Neat houses and clean streets, enclosed by massive wrought-iron gate. It was at this wonderful place and destined to move Nick Monaghan with his family from Chicago. Here, he was appointed the new Chief of Police The Gates, instead of suddenly fled to Mexico former boss. His wife, Sarah, and children Charlie and Dana another begins ..... full of difficulties and life mysteries. Over time, Nick and his family will be drawn into the mystery, when on duty, he will begin to unravel the tangle of mysterious and supernatural events hidden behind the shadows of The Gates. Sarah suddenly realizes that her husband may not be the kind of person who, she thought, he is. For Charlie and Dana, along with the problems of youth, will be a challenge to fit into the new team of the school. Something is very strange is going on in this town ... haunting. Conflicts, contradictions and resentment will not leave alone the locals. Friendly relationship sours, housewives will struggle with the passions and the teenagers will not be able to cope with irrepressible animal instincts. Faces of werewolves, vampires and other mysterious creatures with more than poschekochat nerves lovers of thrills.

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