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Original Title: Survivor
Channel: CBS
Creators: Charlie Parsons,Mark Burnett
Language: English
Description: School friends Paul (Zbyh Trofimuk), Alex (Brian Rooney) and Katrina (Michelle Noonan) sent together with the class on a tour of the school camp to observe the solar eclipse. The teacher shows a cave in which there are strange flash of bright light, and even, according to legend, before seen ghosts. Katrina her friend decide to go at night in a mysterious cave. Learning of this, Alex persuades Paul to go out there and represent the ghosts to avenge Katrina for blackmail. They pull the wire on the trees, right next to the power lines. This wire becomes the cause of the passage to a parallel world, which inadvertently falls and Paul. There has never occurred Industrial Revolution. This world is ruled by a powerful group of people calling themselves the magician who has the technology and holds the key to all residents using their fears and ignorance, and giving the technology behind the magic. With young Rihanna (Gosia Piotrowska) Semi possible to achieve assistance Vale. He was also a great help Katrina that convinces Alex that Paul was in a parallel universe and causes it to come into contact with the world. Paul manages to escape, but because of the intervention of the Witch named Ashka (Heather Mitchell) he has to take his native Rihanna for Paul the modern world. When Ashku for conspiracy against the regent deprived Magician rank and sentenced to exile, she was stealing the armor in the world runs the floor where the technology is going to find for the overthrow of power in the world of Wizards. Paul with friends manage to destroy Ashka armor. After that Ashka is brewing much more insidious plan. She takes out her world ancient drawings of armor and turns to his father Paul - known scientists, posing as his wife archaeologist. Inspired by the new discovery, Paul's father does for Ashka new armor, which can not only produce electrical charges, but also to lift the holder of the air starting from the Earth's gravitational field. Only when the armor is completely ready and Ashka gets what it needs, Paul manages to convince his father to the evil designs Ashka. With great difficulty, they still manage to stop the villain, and send it into the world of Wizards to serve his sentence, after which Paul closes the passage between dimensions, removing the wire. But he left the data for the construction of new power armor.

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