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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Two immigrants from Sweden for various reasons were in Los Angeles, in the city of realized opportunities need to survive. Ingemar was a former stuntman, Axel – DJ. Friends visited a brilliant idea, they decide to open a detective Agency and enthusiastically take up its implementation. In advance, you can imagine that the heroes of the Comedy series will turn out if they absolutely know nothing about a new business for themselves.To work officially and promote advertising of your business, you need to get a license, and to obtain a license you need to confirm your professionalism. Therefore, the guys decided to postpone communication with the authorities and work without attracting attention. The actions of such clumsy detectives like Axel and Ingmar simply can not but arouse the curiosity of others. Ingmar's daughter works in an advertising company, the Director is concerned that his business ideas become known to competitors. The company is a family business of several generations, and he just can not lose it. To understand the situation are our heroes, they need to quietly infiltrate the team. At first glance, it is clear that they failed!

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