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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The movie "You are the kwachas!"tells about an unusual hobby of former classmates. While specific games have been graduated from high school, they lost touch with each other. Every year, for several decades, thoroughly matured former graduates arrange incredible competition. Their entertainment resembles a children's game of catch-up. However, the site of impressive dimensions. It is not limited to a separate yard, stadium, Park. It is possible to compete practically in all territory of the country, constantly changing the place of the stay, trying to catch up with the rival and at the same time most not to be caught.Over the years unusual Hobbies almost every grace has been caught. The exception was only one of the friends who constantly became a winner. This year the situation is special. Perennial champion intends to end his bachelor life to formalize the relationship with a friend, be a model of a respectable family man. The rest of the players already have families and children. Only many years of schaslivchik until recently it was possible to do without family responsibilities. Friends decided that on the eve of the wedding, the potential groom needs to make a specific "gift", at any cost to catch it.