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During an air battle in World War II German military aircraft shoot the machine of the American pilot Russell Keys (Steve Burton) from - but mysterious blue lights save him from death. Years later realized Keys that there were aliens who saved him. The aliens use keys as a research object, and with it his family! The Clarkes come into contact with aliens: Sally (Catherine Dent) falls in love with a man with extraordinary abilities. Although he leaves after a short time, she decides to get their child. The boy inherits the talent of his father and is hunted mercilessly for it ... Ambitious how ruthless are the Crawfords: To discover the secret of a landed UFO, patriarch Captain Owen Crawford's (Joel Gretsch) even corpses. After Owens death his son leads the fatal investigations continue and thus a catastrophic chain ... are told the encounters of the third kind from the perspective of the seven-year-old Allie (Dakota Fanning) who is a key figure at the end itself.

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