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In one American town lives a pretty pretty girl, she looks no different from others, and the neighbors do not even suspect that she – who would you think? Cannibal!Once in her house gets a boy who really need to find a promissory note of his father, if you manage to destroy it, the family will be released from monetary obligations.The cannibal decided to pamper her guests with a young little man, and in anticipation of the holiday, puts the boy in a cage and makes him read terrible fairy tales that she adored as a child. Three novels were chosen for reading aloud: about a suddenly resurrected terrible mummy chasing College students, a terrifying black cat that can easily deal with anyone who gets in her way, and a revived ugly gargoyle who left the wall of the building and became a murderer, a man witnessed the crime, but he swore not to tell anyone anything.All three stories begin with a real life situation, gradually becoming more heated, then the viewer is given a little relax and rest, and then follows a chilling ending.Will the boy be able to lull the cannibal's vigilance and break free? Let's find out.

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