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In reed's behaviour was not observed any suspicious moments. The man looks quite adequate personality, does not show aggression towards relatives and colleagues. Reed managed to successfully find a job, he has a decent salary, career opportunities. In personal life also, there is no problem. The protagonist of the Piercing is a faithful husband and a caring father. "Ideal" man carefully hides his true nature. He's been hatching a plan to kill a prostitute for a long time. The man plans in detail every moment of conscious crime. He longs to enjoy the sight of a dying young woman. reed's difficult childhood became the Reason of such thoughts. My own mother did not take care of the child at all. The son often became a victim of domestic violence, suffered moral humiliation, was beaten. Stupid mother and this was not enough, she decided to give the child to the orphanage. Although a lot of time has passed since then, children's moral trauma still haunts reed. He feels that he will get rid of oppression only when he kills the girl of easy virtue. Reid was able to pick a victim. Jackie, the call girl, had no idea about the client's intentions. Reid was ready to implement inhuman plan. However, something happened that forced him to change his plans. Reid imbued with deep feelings for Jackie, knowing that she was previously a victim of circumstances.

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