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Over the past four seasons, the green brothers turtles not only managed repeatedly to save mankind from destruction, and acquired friends: a girl with magical powers April and Casey Jones! The six of them, they are ready to confront any threat! Although season 5 of the animated series "teenage mutant ninja Turtles" begins quite peacefully and it may seem that new threats friends will no longer meet. April, Donatello and Leonard are peacefully snacking on pizza. Mikey brings a box of videotapes on which Leo finds his favorite animated series. He manages to watch one series, after which calm evaporates-the room crawling beaten Casey and Raphael, who tell the rest of the characters that they were attacked in the sewers strange dwarfs in robes. Donatello checks the installed motion sensors, and said that no suspicious activity have been reported. But Raphael can't lie, so six guys go to adjust all the sensors. As a result, this allows Mikey and Leo to get on the trail of three suspicious creatures that are sent to steal a mysterious scroll... Fighting the villains they lose. But this allows them to know exactly what the cultists are planning-to resurrect an ancient monster! This means that our heroes have a new job!