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A strange fate befell the character of the legendary Spanish actress Eva Longria, who plays the role of the famous Opera star, did not understand the Spanish language. Quite a problematic situation, because it is necessary to communicate with colleagues and fans, but how to answer questions when no belmes do not understand? In addition, in the personal life of a pop diva is also full of disappointments and troubles, so there is certainly not up to learning the language.The presented series with might and main is impregnated with a certain similarity of a banter over the soap operas sensational in former times performed by Indian, American actors and representatives of other nationalities. In the production, there was always a far-fetched intrigue and a very mediocre actor's work, but there were breakthroughs in art, following the example of our history, when the audience liked what was happening on stage. Even though it was funny enough.In General, if the viewer decides to ask how the Americans decided to make fun of different situations, the film project will demonstrate this. By the way, the humor in the film series is quite specific, but understandable from the first series, so make a superficial impression will be after a few minutes of viewing. Enjoy!

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