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  • Drama
Long ago Mark Temple was a successful boxer, now, however, he turned his back on the brutal sport, and works in a hospital. Since his wife is in a wheelchair, he has become accustomed to a simple life in Berlin-Wedding, however, the idyll looks fast break, as are its financial woes bigger and investors have recognized the value of the neighborhood.    Large-scale land and buildings are now to be bought. To expel the unwanted nearby residents, those in power to take drastic action, whereupon Mark looks destined to resist. Old contacts in the boxing world should help. He quickly gets caught in a milieu that is in the crime on the agenda - and soon threatens his fight for justice to be out of control.    Main Characters from Temple Mark Temple (Ken Duken) once entered the ring to earn as a boxer his money. He now works as a nurse and has been transformed into a quiet person who is especially great emphasis on law and justice.    Sandra Temple (Chiara Schoras) sits for several years in a wheelchair and is Marks wife. Together, the two have been through a lot. Nevertheless, Sandra arrived slowly at the end of her strength: She is tired of being a burden on her family.    June Temple (Michelle Barthel) Marks and Sandra's 16-year-old daughter who would like to lead the life of an ordinary young people. Due to the (financial) problems of their parents in June feels excluded and pressured. (MH)

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