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  • Mystery
Distant future. Planet Earth in the form to which we are accustomed, no longer exists. Only a small percentage of the planet's surface is suitable for normal life, accessible to the richest and most illustrious individuals, and ordinary citizens are obliged to wear respirators in order to save their lives. Only a small percentage of outstanding personalities get a one-way trip to Terra Nova-a new land with clean air and breathtaking nature, unusual for modern people. The main characters of the series "Terra Nova" are faced with unusual, sometimes wild conditions of existence, are almost in primitive society, and by all means try to change their lives for the better. In the center of the storyline are a few ordinary people who dream of a normal existence in suitable conditions. For this purpose, they have to face different challenges and give up their past. Whether a simple family to start life with a clean slate and to stop the evil and insidious enemies to grab the new land?

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