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Do you want to learn more about the abilities of your own mind? Or can penetrate into the depths of the secrets of human thinking? Then to your viewing of the TV show"Test the brain" in which the most unusual abilities of a human body, unlimited opportunities of organs of sight and the hidden reserves of organs of hearing rise. All the latest research in the field of neuropsychology, answers to the most popular riddles and an explanation of why our mind is arranged so, and not differently, you will find in each new episode of this series. Popular personalities such as David Copperfield, the famous master of illusion, neuroscientist Bo Lotto and detective Greg Walsh reveal the secrets of human perception of the surrounding reality. David Copperfield's job is to expose the senses. According to what principles our mind perceives what is happening around, what smells and sounds make us concentrate our attention – look for answers together with the famous magician. Bo Lotto invites viewers into a wonderful world of visual illusions and explains how and why our own brain is deceiving us. You should not always believe everything you see – this is the main postulate of the optical perception of reality. Human memory is extremely unreliable and flexible. We are able to forget details or unconsciously replace them with more convenient and bright for our perception. About the miracles of memory tells Gray Walsh.

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