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In the center of the plot of the series"Team" is a team of investigators from completely different countries, which the leadership instructs to investigate particularly important cases in different parts of the world. Heroes need to fight particularly violent acts of violence, murder, drug and human trafficking. In General, a team of specialists performs the work that ordinary police can not do.The authors decided to show the audience a large number of the main characters, which in the past had a close relationship, but now divorced former lovers. One of these characters is a charismatic investigator from Denmark named Harald Bjorn, who in the recent past had a relationship with Jackie Muller, who is also one of the team members. Can you imagine how difficult the work is when there is a person who knows you as flaky? Besides, he doesn't speak very well of you. In General, the heroes will need to collect the will in a fist and concentrate on work, otherwise mental anguish and torments of the past can finally absorb consciousness and bring a person into a terrible depression.

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