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South Korean detective and melodramatic series, filmed in the best traditions of the genre"dorama" directed by Cho su-von. At the heart of the plot of this serial tape is a tragic story about the family of a fireman, the chief of the brigade, once mistakenly accused of the death of his team during a complex fire at a waste disposal plant. The thing is that a random witness allegedly saw him alive after the tragedy, and journalists quickly made him the main suspect, because he mysteriously disappeared. The story of an eyewitness is not in doubt, because it has a rare feature of the body, called Pinocchio's Syndrome – when you try to lie, a person begins to hiccup. It was from that time that the life of his loved ones turned into a nightmare, because under the pressure of the relatives of the victims and the obsessive attention of the press began a real persecution of women and children. Unable to withstand extreme stress, his wife was forced to commit suicide, and the younger son miraculously survived and got the education to complete strangers. All the horrors of childhood left an indelible mark in his soul, and dislike for one unscrupulous TV journalist and an amazing disease associated with the hiccup remained for many years, as well as a strong desire to restore the good name of his family in the eyes of the public.

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