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Robotics is a new science, but it is already firmly established in our world. Today, there are robot-surgeons, robot sellers, cleaners. Creating an exoskeleton doesn't become something amazing. No, it's not a sketch for a science fiction movie. All this already exists, and every year the development of this science goes forward. Some are able to completely replace a person in a profession, as well as using robotics can replace a damaged limb. Possibilities the sea, not to mention way of life, which is also gradually beginning to be served assorted machines. the Documentary series will tell you what technologies are being implemented in the creation of the latest models of robots, what they can be. How much time will pass before everyone will be able to afford an assistant? Already today, the concept of ethics in the behavior of robots is introduced into society, it is told how to handle them. The future is not far off. A little more and we will all be at the mercy of technological progress, which will further facilitate human life. But is it? All the risks of our time, and what is not yet known about robots, tell the best scientists and specialists of the industry.

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