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The series began in March 2004 with short reviews of two NES games on his own website. In 2006, James Rolfe the videos to YouTube under the name "Angry Nintendo Nerd" one. He later changed the name to Angry Video Game Nerd, on the one hand to be able to review games from other developers and secondly to copyright problems out of the way gehen.2 New-reviewed Rolfe not only NES games, but also games for Atari 2600, SNES, Sega Master system, Sega Genesis and PlayStation. In addition, video game related subjects found their way into the series as the Power Glove, the Atari 5200, Philips CD-i, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Virtual Boy, and a film review on Turtles III and a tribute to the "Nintendo Power" -Magazine. Rolfe reported on its website that the first videos were made of pure pleasure out and were intended only for his friends. He did not think to show it to a wide audience. Rolfe turned - on a proposal from a friend back - the videos on the Internet, where they have since enjoyed a growing popularity and have given him a steadily growing fan base. His videos were longer and developed into a full-blown series, complete with title covers about each video, a theme song and merchandise. After his fourth review on YouTube, he joined ScrewAttack and was employed by MTV Networks. Since then, the rights for the videos are exclusive to GameTrailers. New episodes are uploaded about one and a half years after its first publication on YouTube. However, can be found for each new video trailer on appropriate Rolfes YouTube account. Each trailer has a hyperlink to the full episode on Gametrailers. Style Videos James Rolfe uses a completely atypical for video game reviews style in his videos: He films himself, mostly watching television sitting and playing. This simple principle is supplemented by numerous curses, animations, anger about the bad game and partly by guest appearances of his friends. Thus is not the game or the platform in the foreground, but the player himself. According to the behavior of the protagonist, the series is designed for an adult audience. From time to time slips Mike Matei - a friend Rolfes - in costumes known characters such as Bugs Bunny, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Spider-Man, Leatherface or Michael Myers. The particular celebrity is in connection with the presented Rolfe game. Matei also records the title cards for the episodes. To underline his status as a nerd, Rolfe carries - according to the Nerdklischee - usually a shirt with several pens in the breast pocket and a pair of glasses. Popularity [edit] The Angry Video Game Nerd keeps constantly in the top 20 most subscribed channels on YouTube. Since 25 July 2008 is regularly older AVGN episodes that were to date, uploaded back to James Rolfes YouTube channel. On 8 August 2007 Rolfes won illustrations extensively to attention when his videos in the Opie and Anthony radio show (a very popular radio show in the US) were talking point. Since then Einspieler the videos are placed on the show occasionally. 9 January 2008 James Rolfe was even interviewed by Opie and Anthony. The Angry Video Game Nerd was part of a review about in Spike TV's Game Head of the week of 25 November 2007. The spot included clips of his previous reviews. On 12 December 2007 CNN aired a short report about James Rolfes "You Know What's Bullshit" series in News To Me. James Rolfe through his work with the Angry Video Game Nerd While can be especially in the United States enjoy great popularity, is he rather unknown in the rest of the world and is a hot tip. On November 28, 2008, however, appeared on Spiegel Online, an article on the Angry Video Game Nerd. Music The music for the theme song of the Nerds was written by the indie musician Kyle Justin, the lyrics were written by him and James Rolfe. The original version of the song that calls the title character "Angry Nintendo Nerd" was played only with an acoustic guitar. The second recording is similar to the original, but was expensive and reacted with an additional text segment provided ( "The Angry Video Game Nerd"). This version, however, was used only in the Rocky Review and later in Texas Chainsaw Massacre-reviewed and replaced by a third version. The third version, which was her debut in the Atari 5200 video, taken with an electric guitar and drums. Get fresh ideas for the most part back to the original version. Normally, however, the second similar version is used. The full length of the latter is included only in the Sega CD review on the DVD. Apart from that, there are always parodies of existing songs. In "Bible Games" video the carol Santa Claus is coming to Town is vice writes the lyrics, in Spider-Man Review the matching theme song in Fester's Quest, the Addams Family and Batman Review was the real theme song the first television series used. The tribute to the Nintendo Power magazine is enhanced with a cover of music from the TV advertising. All songs are played by Kyle Justin and sung. DVD On November 18, 2007, released the first AVGN DVD set. It includes all the episodes up to the "Bible Games" videos. A few videos on how to Back to the Future and Rocky were removed to avoid copyright infringement, and replaced with new material. The DVD includes extended versions of the Wally Bear and the NO Gang - Rocky and videos, as well as documentaries and recordings unused. The playing time of the set is about three hours. According to Rolfe, the DVD was sold out in less than a week. On 15 November 2008, the three discs containing second DVD set was released. Then present the episodes from the Atari 5200 review to An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol, outtakes that posted on YouTube Review trailer and comments. On 12 December 2009, the three disc strong third DVD set was released. It contains the episodes of Chronologically Confused about the Zelda series to BibleGames 2. Double Review of The Wizard and Super Mario Bros. 3 was shortened to the Mario Brothers scenes, again to avoid copyright problems. Three episodes have been extended. The set contains among other things still outtakes and a tour of the rooms of the Nerds. On 15 December 2010 Volume 4 was released on 3 DVDs. In addition to the episodes of 2009 you will also find exclusive bonus material on discs.