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Gravitron due to its unknown force strikes at four prisons, prisoners are not ordinary people, and superhumans, which belong to special abilities. As a result of this invasion, dozens of villains broke free, whose intention is to actively deploy their villainous activities. Ordinary people can not afford to deal with the criminals in power whose powers, therefore, it is taken for super heroes. They had to form an Alliance called the Avengers. Now on their shoulders rests the responsibility for the return of inveterate villains behind bars.
a team of super heroes, the best of the best, joined forces in the fight against evil. They are now and then attacked by various villains whose abilities can not be called weak. They act insidiously and aggressively, trying to destroy the team of fighters for justice. But they do not succeed while superheroes are strong in spirit and ready to continue their work. They try to catch everywhere and help everyone who needs it. Every day, do their force, the Avengers want to help, as ordinary people, and each other. Over time, their ranks are replenished with new heroes, and the team becomes even more invulnerable.

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