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Eleven Schoolgirls accidentally fall into a rather unpleasant situation. All these girls quite unexpectedly find that they are tied to a chair in a strange room. They were sure that it was some kind of misunderstanding, since they could not do anything special, for which they could be locked in this room. Moreover, they can not remember what happened and how they found themselves here. All this is very much scares the girls, as they begin to fear that they will be killed or they simply do not get out of here never alive. they were so much shackled by fear that they could not even imagine where they start their escape. Some were sure that if they tried to do something, they would only harm themselves. Others, on the contrary, believed that they simply had to get out of the building as soon as possible and should make every effort to do so. But the more they quarrel and argue, the less progress in their business. Moreover, they are all very much concerned about how they got here and why they were all locked up here. Will the girls find the answers to all their questions or, no matter how hard they try to get out of here, they will not succeed?

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