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Original Title: The Benny Hill Show
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV
Creators: Benny Hill
Language: English
Description: The heroes of the new series Justice Chicago season 1 download are the prosecutors, loyal and honest defenders of the law. They do not change their principles, do not take bribes, the purpose of their work is the fight against crime, cleansing their hometown of injustice, corruption and everything that prevents honest citizens from living. They know about those frauds and crimes that are not spoken about in the media, they know about what is happening in the higher echelons of power. But do they always have the opportunity to fight important ranks? Sometimes there are too many obstacles in their way, which makes their work particularly dangerous.The judicial system has always been under strong pressure from the authorities. Considerable influence exerted on it and circumstances, and influential officials. Viewers will get acquainted with all aspects of the Chicago court, both positive and negative. The heroes of the series will have to deal with a variety of cases, both small, domestic crimes and affecting influential mafia structures. The first thing, which will begin the plot of the main plot, will be the murder of a police officer, which became a challenge to the entire law enforcement system of the city.

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