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The main characters dream of becoming famous and one of them manages to become part of a famous group. But knowing that this little guy let me gossip to become even more popular. He believes that he will continue to be able to develop its popularity in this field, but because he does not worry about anything and only cares about how to become even more popular. He is sure that in this way will get everything he wants and people really begin to recognize him, and the youth just loves his performances more than that, he even manages to find his envious guy who dreams of becoming the same as he is.
the Guy understands that similar fame he could not be found, and so popular it hardly ever will, but because just dreams that he will be able to become good civil servants and achieve great things in this field. However, fate is preparing them a special exam, which will pass both and this will depend on how their lives will develop and how popular they will be. Only if everything really is as they think or they underestimate what they have and do not understand how the reality is? What awaits the guys and whether they will be able to achieve the desired popularity and which of them will remain a popular musician?

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