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Over the past ten seasons, the main characters have repeatedly found themselves in curious situations because of their exceptional intellectual abilities. But the most unusual and amusing of difficulty are waiting for them in 11 parts. At the beginning of the first series it is revealed that the protagonist of the series "the big Bang Theory" is going to marry Emmy. The guys have long decided to get engaged, but friends decided to tell about it just now. At the same time it becomes known that the lives of Howard and Bernadette will soon change dramatically – the girl took a pregnancy test and learned that she would become a mother. She hurries to share this news with penny, who is trying to persuade, too, to get pregnant, so that all the difficulties awaiting future moms, they were able to go together. Girl listens to her but does not know how to report it to Leonard. Raj, meanwhile, faces new challenges and learns that Stuart is going to go out on a date. Farah Fowler invites Emma and Sheldon to sit with her colleagues. The couple accepts the offer, not even suspecting that this evening they will quarrel and their engagement will be in question. Realizing that he can't influence Emma, who considers him selfish, Sheldon decides to ask for help from the smartest person on the planet…