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A British documentary about the metamorphoses of the human body. Do you want to look into a completely different world where people are not afraid to do risky things and do the most real madness with your own body? Especially for you in this unique show contains the most legendary modifications of the human body, which sometimes amaze the imagination and just confuse. Two presenters-comedian Pete Ferman and his partner Jessica Clement will analyze every case associated with this or that absurd idea of another freak, so you will not be bored. What is not only capable of human imagination-to fill a tattoo on the whole body, remove the navel, insert unthinkable implants ... our presenters will try to understand what moves these people and what makes them do with such things that a normal person will never come to mind. The main question is why? Why more beautiful women are solved on thousands of plastic surgeries, and freaks insert piercing, tunnels and other hooks into the body. There will be no platitudes-only hardcore, only trash, but each act always has an explanation and sometimes it is useful to listen to the second side before drawing conclusions about the sanity of a person. This show deserves attention at least because there are no analogues in nature, and sometimes it is very interesting to understand what moves this or that character. Dive into the thoughts of the opponent is sometimes very useful at least for the overall development, so it is recommended to watch everything. Only children from on a screen unbind.