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Documentary scientific and educational film sheds light on the mysterious mystery of the origin of all life on our planet, which was fully disclosed by biologists and scientists only for the last two hundred years.This exciting and amazing movie consists of several BBC television cycles. In the first part, the well-known and experienced doctor Adam Rutherford tells an amazing story about the scientific search and research related to the disclosure and study of the secrets of living cells. It explores the fact that century - old scientific and religious dogmas about the origin of life were abolished in connection with the emergence of early discoveries about the existence of cells that contained more life than the naked eye could see. These tiny particles (and they are in our body 60,000 billion) ensure the functioning of all organs and contributed to the proper organization of all the basic processes of life (breathing, movement and thinking) of any organism, from the simplest amoeba and ending with man. In the second part, entitled"Chemistry of life", scientists penetrate deeper into the complex structural world of cells, trying to reveal the magical cellular ingredient, which is composed of a mixture of different chemical elements. The third and final part shows how knowledge of the cellular structure led to one of the most important and turning points in history and medicine - the creation of a new form of life, which occurred only once in 4 billion years.

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