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Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) comes from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Here she takes the place of the head of homicide for urgent cases and to restructure the department so that it works more efficiently. At first she was doing some difficulties: With its new chief Will Pope (J.K. Simmons), she had an affair earlier, were still working as both at the CIA. The department does not accept it. Only slowly it develops commands respect and will soon be appreciated by their employees because of their competence. In the course of their work for the homicide Priority Murder Squad Brenda clarifies a number of crimes among filmmakers, mafia members, gangs and local VIPs.    Main characters of The Closer    Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) is tough, smart and hard. Trained by the CIA it comes to the end of an investigation with the arrest of a perpetrator quickly close and ensures justice. She is eccentric and has its weak points. Not least it did to her chocolate. In addition, she and her family come not clear and her boyfriend Fritz Howard of the CIA has also not easy with her. But they will soon be valued as a competent manager after initial defense of her department.    Assistant Chief Will Pope (J.K. Simmons) is the manager of Brenda. He had when he was having an affair with her her boss at the CIA. Neither likes to think back to that time. Nevertheless, they are a very professional and experienced team and lead a respectful working relationship.    Commander Russell Taylor (Robert Gossett) is as head of the robbery and homicide in the LAPD. But actually he wanted to lead the newly formed unit Priority Homicide to be then promoted to Deputy Chief. but after initial competence disputes he works well with Brenda.    Sergeant David Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) is Brenda's assistant. Since Brenda has difficulties adjusting in Los Angeles, he drives through the city. Little did he practices his profession for so long, he can learn a lot from Brenda.    Detective Lieutenant Provenza (G. W. Bailey) is an old hand at the LAPD, loose and funny, sometimes hard with a soft core. He is baseball fan, be like others do and do not like it when someone sits down at his desk to work.    Detective Lieutenant Andy Flynn (Anthony Denison) is initially quite unpopular in the unit because he came as an ally of Commander Russell Taylor in the department. He quickly reflected on the side of Brenda.    Background information on The Closer    In The Closer is an American crime series, which celebrated in the US on 13 June 2005 on TNT premiered. In Germany, the format appeared a year later and was henceforth broadcast on VOX for the first time in the dubbed version. The filming of The Closer mainly took place in Santa Clarita and Burbank (California). As Closer someone is referred to in general, concluding a case for an investigating authority, so that it can henceforth be shelved. The Closer has a total of seven seasons. Here is each round under one overarching theme such as love and loss, or a woman in a man's world. The last episodes of the final season paved the transition prior to the spin-off series Major Crimes.

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