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The main characters of the series - the representatives of the world of the Informal Committee. They are trying to understand, and there really are people who feel the pangs of conscience, could act a certain way in a given situation, that everything went another way. Very strange activity, is not there, because the main characters are always trying to get into the mind of your customer in order to understand it and find a way to get out of the eternal labyrinth, or even a deadlock that causes that to think about the bad outcome and experience the unpleasant feeling of guilt. The protagonists are very charismatic and competent person, able to find the right approach to each of its wards. Nozima Yuzuru, as well as a musician with Oasis businesswomen Ayako doing such a psychological help for a long time. They are very experienced, so be sure to find a way out of an unpleasant situation. Even when it seems that a person can not find a place and an opportunity to be quiet, the main character still manages to bring the matter to its logical conclusion: they argue that in a given situation, which led to irreparable consequences, had no choice!

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