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The third season will continue to talk about the terrible events that were the consequences of a scientific experiment conducted by the military and scientists. It has been a long time since the first wave swept around the world. At that moment all adults disappeared and there were only children. A group of teenagers were taken to a farm, where they had to get used to new life and try to find a way to survive. One of the guys wanted to find a cure. which will finally allow them not to be afraid of tomorrow and not to worry about the fact that they can all die. The rest of the guys also wanted to do all the AI to find at least some way out of this situation.
of Course it is not easy to the same with each passing day they have more and more difficulties. In the area was more infected and it made the guys even more to worry about. In addition, one of them says that the world has something more terrible than just monsters and waves created by scientists. Will the guys be able to cope with everything and this time, to survive and correct the situation that was provoked by the devices that scientists came up with? Or should they prepare for the fact that they do not have long to live, and there is no way to escape from these waves?

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