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In the center of the plot of the fantastic series"day of Triffids" there are some plants that are able to move. Moreover, the creatures are predators and always do not mind to eat people, so that humanity, or rather the remnants, to survive in a harsh and very cruel world.The disaster occurred when the earth was hit by a meteor shower of small, but very bright celestial bodies. People who watched this cosmic phenomenon, immediately blinded, and most of the population died as a result of various natural and man-made phenomena. The end of the world has come, the pitiful remnants of the once numerous and technologically advanced race are forced to huddle in cramped corners, everywhere pursued by strange creatures.Only a few people managed to preserve their vision and hope for a bright future. Although, what kind of future can be when everything is destroyed, and the countrymen have become victims to carnivorous hunters? But the main characters are not discouraged, because even if they lose all hope, humanity will die as a result of terrible events, and nothing will be able to revive the glorious family"Homo Sapiens".

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