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American supernatural fantasy from the Creator of James head with the charming Anthony Michael Hall in the title role. The series is based on the eponymous work of Stephen king, written in 1979.An ordinary teacher of a local school named johnny Smith lives a measured and happy life of a simple guy in a small and nondescript town. But one day he gets into a terrible car accident, which falls into a deep coma for six years. When he regained consciousness, he found that he began to see the events of the past and predict the future that will happen to him or to the person to whom he touches. The doctors say that his brain has involved the so-called"dead zone" that compensate for the dysfunction of other parts of the body injured in the accident. During the development of the plot, the man learns that much has changed in his life. The widowed mother died suddenly and left all the money not to her son, but to the priest - to her lover. In addition, the love of his life and the bride Sarah, with whom he was once engaged, gave birth to his child, conceived the night before the accident, and married the city Sheriff. With the help of his former lover and her husband Walt Bannerman, as well as thanks to the talented physiotherapist Bruce, johnny begins to use his unique abilities to help in solving crimes. His noble attempts to do good are complicated by frequent visions of events related to the Apocalypse and the choice of Greg Stillson in Congress.

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