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  • Drama
Every day terrible crimes are committed. Who can prove the culprit's guilt and put him behind bars for the rest of his life? In the center of the event, the viewer will see a social worker named Christine rose. Also her colleague named Adam page, who is the chief Prosecutor. Their views and understanding of the legal system are different, so people have problems in working together. Once, a brutal mass murder of the Butler family was committed in the city. Residents of the city were afraid for their own lives, so they demanded radical measures from the police. Moreover, the investigation has been delayed, and the culprit is not found. Gathering circumstantial evidence together, the police come to the conclusion that the need to suspect the builders who worked near the house. The Prosecutor decided to use all opportunities possible to sue the suspects and close the case, making himself a hero of justice. As expected, the storyline is based on the fact that the innocent were convicted. Many years have passed since then. No one else thought about this murder. Christine begins to understand the old case and comes to the conclusion that the guys framed. Who would be right? Will the girl be able to resist the American justice system? Adam doesn't like that she starts dripping under him and the case where he voiced the sentence. If the truth is revealed, his reputation will come to an end. Dynamic plot and intrigue to keep the viewer on the course of the season.

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