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For a long time the world was divided into two parts and all lived in peace, as the Dragon King kept order and tried to do everything to these worlds did not start to confront each other. Not everyone liked his rule, but because at some point people mastered powerful magic against him and entered into serious battle. They could defeat the King, and with it destroyed the egg, which was supposed to be the heir. The whole world was doomed and now no one knows what will turn such a trick for the whole world, which existed for a long time in the world thanks to the King, who watched everything. Now the whole world is on the brink of war and many are worried that no one can stop this, because no one wants to fight. These events have led to unify the three guys who in other circumstances not even talk steel. Elf-killer, which is not very good fame and two crown princes are going to find out what is happening in these parts and stop the war. But that's not so easy to find out what is really happening in the district and why people decided to do so. What secrets will they have to reveal and will they be able to save the world that is so dear to them?

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