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Once Saito by chance came to another world, called careless sorceress Louise. Together these two help win one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the Kingdom, and the former Japanese schoolboy becomes a high-ranking official. He-close to the Royal family, now having the title at court. A real knight who managed to cope with a lot of problems. The only thing that loves Louise, but the relationship with her are in a certain crisis. Saito need to match the status, to find a balance of communication with Louise, and the presence of the harem this does not help. So we have to try our best, so that never mess up. However, the latter can hardly be prevented.a new war is coming From the South that may prove decisive for the entire Kingdom. New responsibilities Saito, and now he clearly understands that only he is able to turn the tide of the war. Naturally, in this case he will help his favorite sorceress, as well as loyal friends. Let the protagonist and came here a stranger, but now he has found a true home, and a real family. Saito knows what needs to be in this world, and protect it at any cost. Otherwise,how can he save Louise?

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